Supporting This Site

Every kind of support for this site is highly welcome. There are many ways how to do this. The main objective of this site is to preserve everything with relation to the HP 9845 series. This can be information about the development history, about special design concepts, about system internals, or the way how those systems were distributed, serviced and used. Another point of interest is any experience about troubleshooting and repair.

Of course, any contribution of ROM and tape dumps, as far as this data is not yet available on this site, is of high value in order to complete the ROM and software collections (especially from the HP Exchange and HPPLUS programs). If you like to contribute manuals, ROMs, tapes or hardware, please contact me before those items eventually get lost.

This site is a non-profit initiative, so please don't expect me to get into trade concerning either information, hardware or software. Exchange however is always welcome, and, in certain cases, if you like to make donations, it is possible to take over some shipping (I am in Germany).

Anyway, I'm thankful for any comment on this site, for any error which is corrected, and actually for anyone who is still interested in those vintage technologies.

Most Wanted

Here are the items which are currently of special importance for me. I'll update this list from time to time, since sometimes I get new items in, and sometimes special need for others items arise.

First here are those items which are still missing (and which are therefore of highest importance), so that there is no one I know, neither person nor institution, who has preserved one of those:

  1. A commented assembly listing of the 9845 system firmware (in order to avoid the reverse engineering efforts).
  2. A turn-on fixture for operating the 9845 mainframe without display (HP part no. 09845-66547). The turn-on fixture was a small PCB, which was plugged into one of the connectors in the display legs, enabling to boot up the mainframe even without CRT display installed for diagnostic purposes.
  3. A test fixture for the 98770A color display (HP part no. 098770-66527). The 98770A test fixture was a small PCB with five switches and one edge connector, which could be used to operate the 98770A color display without a mainframe connected for diagnostic purposes.
  4. All PDS/45 software and the Macro Assembler from International Electronic Machinery (IEM), since it will be quite interesting to have a look inside this OS-like alternative platform for the HP 9845.
  5. Practically all software from the HPPLUS program and the exchange library.
  6. Original sales brochures for the 9845A, 9845B and 9845C (HP part no. 5953-0901, 5953-1017 and 5953-4504).
  7. The 9845A Service Manual (HP part no. 09845-90030).
  8. The 9845B Model 200 Mainframe Service Manual supplement (HP part no. 09845-92030).
  9. The 98029A Resource Management Interface.
  10. The 98776A RGB interface.
  11. The 98777A camera attachment.
  12. The Analogic AP445 array processor.

Other items would be of great help for me, however fortunately there are examples still part of existing collections:

  1. The 9845 Test ROM (HP part no. 09845-65520). The ROM is a special option ROM module, which was used by service personal in order to perform more thorough diagnostics. Of course this type of testing today is more important than ever, since spare parts are hard to get.
  2. Any original schematics (more for archiving purposes and signals nomenclatures than for repair, since with Tony Duell's reverse engineered schematics there is already a very good documentation available).
  3. Original HP catalogs between 1978 and 1983.
  4. The 98041A hard disk interface.
  5. A 7908P hard disk drive or a 7911P/7912P tape/disk drive to proceed with the CS/80 command set for HPDrive.
  6. The 9883A and 9884A paper tape reader/puncher.
  7. A 98629A SRM interface for Series 200.
  8. A 98028A SRM MUX.
  9. A working HP9000/520 (HP9020) system.

And here are some parts, which are always of use for me, mainly for repair tasks:

  1. Any 9845 PSU assemblies (in any condition).
  2. Any kind of 9845 assembly boards

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