The following sites provide lots of information around HP and its vintage product lines. Much of this information was and still is of high value for the HP 9845 Project. These links, of course, represent just a selection. Please let me know if you have an own site which would be suitable in this context. Or just tell me about other information sources, and they will be included at this place.

HP Computer Museum HP Computer Museum

The Australian HP Museum has probably one of the largest collections of HP computer equipment worldwide. It provides an astonishing number of scanned documents and even software for many vintage HP systems. And most of it for free download. A special 9845 section includes some basic information about the exhibits, roughly 50 scanned manuals, about 30 software packages and lots of information about peripherals and accessories. If you want to know everything about vintage HP computer systems, this is the place to go.

VintHPcom VintHPcom at

Created in 2016, this group is about all kind of vintage HP computers built before 1990, like the HP 9000 series HP 98X5 series and HP 98X0 series and HP Mini's It's not about the HP series 80, 70 and calculators which have their own group.

MoHPC Museum of HP Calculators

The MoHPC provides a huge amount of information on HP calculators. Since the HP 9845 were "officially" offered as "calculators", there is some information even on those systems. Especially the forum is worth of mining for 9845 information. This address is definitively one of the best if you want to learn about real HP calculators. But there are also some PDF manual scans for the 9800 series on the museum CDROM.

HP9825 HP9825.COM

One of my favorite sites, and much of the inspiration for the HP 9845 Project comes from this source. It provides a great mixture of well-investigated historical background information for the HP 9825 computer, including many statements of people who were involved in the design processes of that time. The 9825 was some kind of prequel for the 9845 and already included much of the design of the later 9845 systems. So to speak, the HP 9845 Project starts where this site ends.


Joe Rigdon's HP 9800 Series Computers Description

One of the first sites for the early HP desktop systems, hosted on It gives a brief overview about the history of the HP 9800 series, such as 9810, 9820, 9830, 9815, 9825, 9835 and 9845. Though neither oversized nor overillustrated, there are lots of interesting design details, as well as information about packaging options, interfaces and peripherals.

classiccmp ClassicCmp Mailing Lists

The ClassicCmp Mailing Lists are already classic by themselves. Just register, and you can either follow the discussions of vintage computer hobbyists or issue your own questions & answers. If you need to browse past discussions, look at the cctalk Archive or at this backup site (no registration required).

As a long-year institution for the preservation of both software and documentation for ancient minicomputers and mainframes, bitsavers has also a lot to offer for old HP computer equipment. There's not so much 9845 specific, but there are several PDF manual scans of peripherals used with the 9800 series (look here for the HP stuff).

HPArchive HP Archive

Although the primary focus of this rock-solid site is on vintage HP measuring equipment, there are also some useful collections of scanned periodicals like HP catalogs, the Measure Magazine or the HP Journal. The HP Journal is available both as low and high-resolution scans, and is a perfect supplement to HP's own collection. See this link for the HP Journal scans.

HP Memory Project HP Memory Project

Marc's HP Memory Project is, first of all, a collection of vintage Hewlett-Packard hardware, software, documentation and other technical and marketing materials from HP's early years in the instrumentation and computer industry (beginning in 1939). There is a wonderful section about the early times of HP computing (look here for the early computer section).

Terry Burlison Terry Burlison's 9845 Games Page

Back in the pre-IBM PC days, Terry worked for NASA where he had access to an HP 9845 A/B desktop system and lots of opportunity to write together with his friend Brad probably the most sophisicated desktop games on the planet at the time. Seriously. Check them out at his site and remember, this was before IBM PC, Commodore 64, or even the later TRS-80s..

HPCC HPCC: Handheld and Portable Computer Club

Very vivid and well organized. If you're interested in old HP equipment, here you can find many like-minded. The club offers a CDROM with reverse engineered schematics, even for the HP 9845. Inestimable if you're running into a hardware problem.


There are many sites around which provide more or less information about vintage computer systems. If you're looking for the vintage computer scene not only from the perspective of the HP 9845, this site which is operated by french guys is my personal recommendation.


Just one word: curious. Not really 9845 related, but a probably unique collection of discarded vintage metal. But with an impressive number of vintage computer ads.