No stories, no legends. In order to understand the concepts, and even more the feeling and the success of the 9845 series - shortly what was special with those 9845s - it seems helpful to set a step into the history of the product. What were the ancestors, who were the competitors, and what was the impact of the 9845 series for the following developments and designs?

Unfortunately very little is reported about the team and the stories around the design, production and support of the 9845 series. Maybe the visitor of this site was closer than I am today, and hopefully we'll collect some of those memories.

The Workstation Era The Workstation Era

This section highlights the role of the 9845 as one of the first commercially available workstations. This includes a description of workstation characteristics in general, and a description how workstations appeared and why they finally vanished.

The 9845 Story The 9845 Story

How they once created a new line of workstations by merging the best from both the computer and the calculator world.

The Product Line The Product Line

This section tells about time before and after the HP9845 was announced, including the ancestors, siblings, and successors of the HP 9845 on the time line. It also introduces the several version of the 9845 familiy.

The Production Team The Production Team

This section tries to show who was enganged within the design and development of the 9845 series, and how the teams and roles were defined.

Comparing the 9845 Comparing the 9845

This section shows a comparison between the HP 9845A and two other well-known computer systems of the time, the Apple II and the PET 2001. Although widley comparing apples to oranges, this gives some interesting views inside the philosophy of different systems which were developed at the same time.