Doumentation is not only essential for understanding how the HP 9845 systems work, but an important part of the whole collection. Fortunately, the 9845 series was well documented as far as user documentation is concerned. The 9845 systems were high price, and a voluminous documentation was natural part of the distribution. However, HP followed the strategy to make a strict separation between customers and service. And even more, the service concept was based on a simple component exchange rather than on real repair. As a consequence, there were meters of software and user documentation, and lots of sales documents, but only a small set of service documentation and practically nothing about the technical details (schematics etc.) for the 9845 mainframes.

The situation is different for peripherals and interfaces. Many peripherals and almost all interfaces are described in detail, including register operation, PCB layouts, pinouts and schematics.

Thanks to most documentation is electronically available as PDF for download (follow this link for an overview of the 9845 documentation). If you are interested in the HP computers and peripherals, this site is a must. Other download sites are included in the appropriate sections.

Software Documentation Software Documentation

Software documentation includes manuals and guides which were included with the software packages, as well as application notes and the manuals for the firmware extensions like the Advanced Programming ROM, the I/O ROM or the Graphics ROMs.

User Documentation User Documentation

User documentation denotes all the material which was included in the HP9845 mainframe distribution packages or supplied separatly as supplement. This includes introductions, owner's manuals, installation manuals, user guides, programming guides, training material and quick references.

Service Documentation Service Documentation

Service documentation includes technical service manuals, CE service handbooks and service notes used by the on-site service personal for 9845 mainframes including the CRT displays.



The documentation described in this section includes only a small subset of peripheral documentation (mainly for inventory purposes). Please visit for a nearly complete collection of 9845 related peripherals.

Catalogs & Brochures Catalogs & Brochures

This section is intended for all sales material around the 9845. This includes mainly the regulary catalogs for equipment and supplies, as well as all product brochures, as far as they are related to the 9845 (hardware, software packages, peripherals and services).

Magazines & Patents Magazines, Patents & Schematics

This section includes all material which can be used as source for technical background information, first of all the HP Journal and the patent documents. For deepest understanding and especially repair most schematics are available, too.